What We Do

HVAC Repairs and Maintenance
At Velociti, we take your individual fleet requirements seriously. When developing a maintenance plan, there is a wide range of factors to be considered.  We review model type, age, routes, usage and contract life to build a plan that suits your needs.

Heater Repairs
Velociti services all makes and models of locomotive heaters. Stainless steel heating elements available for some models.

Refrigerant Upgrades
If you are considering an upgrade to environmentally friendly refrigerants, Velociti’s experts can walk you through the process and help determine the best approach for your fleet.  Velociti also handles refrigerant recovery and disposal.

Inverter Upgrades
Velociti has been working with inverter suppliers since the first units were produced. By working in conjunction with customers and suppliers, we have developed solutions which provide a more reliable and cost effective product. Velociti’s 55 volt output inverters allow for a reasonable cost upgrade that enhances unit performance. The flexibility of our 55 volt inverter allows it to be used in all 55 volt HVAC units with a simple programming change.

Unit overhauls/Remanufacturing
Unit overhauls and upgrades are a cost effective alternative to buying new. Our overhauls extend the life cycle of the HVAC unit and are backed with extended warranties.

Emergency Response Vehicles
Emergency response vehicles provide solutions for a wide-range of situations and can be customized for any purpose. [click for details]

Water Coolers (locomotive only)
Velociti repairs all inverter driven or ac voltage water coolers.

Metal Fabrication
Velociti can create custom panels, doors and replacement panels for wreck damage using Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Aluminum.  Our technicians can laser cut material up to 1” stainless steel. Send us a drawing and specifications for quotation.

Technology installations
Velociti specializes in installing transportation technology products. Whether it’s a service truck or an HVAC unit, we can install systems designed to track everything from driver logs to fuel mileage. Contact one of our specialists for information.

For more information on the services we provide, call us at  (913) 233-7266.