The Velociti Difference

How We Do It

The implementation process is often overlooked when planning a technology deployment.  Implementation plans, if poorly executed can increase costs significantly. The quality of the implementation will also affect the overall user acceptance of technology.  However, the most important factor to consider with your new technology purchase is the sooner you “go live”, the sooner you will start realizing your ROI.

Velociti understands that the key to a successful deployment begins with our knowledgeable full-time staff of certified Technicians and Project Managers who not only understand the technology, but the impact of it as well.  When you combine our knowledge and expertise with our web-based project management tool, which allows you to follow the process every step of the way, you’ll quickly understand the Velociti Difference.

  • Velociti’s client list speaks volumes.  With more than 500,000 transportation technology installs and 25,000 networking technology installs performed so far in the 21st century, our clients can rest assured that we have successfully completed the most complex of projects.
  • Technology deployment projects often demand the commitment of dozens, or even hundreds, of Technicians.  Velociti excels in its ability to provide scalability of resources required to effectively perform projects.  The cornerstone of our approach is a commitment to maintaining a large team of full-time employee Mobile Technicians.  We prioritize the use of our Mobile Technicians for projects and leverage their experience as project leaders when the scale required for a specific project requires us to engage our certified network of local partners.
  • Velociti is a recognized leader in technology deployments performed by our full-time employee Mobile Technicians. However, we also recognize and fulfill the need in the marketplace for a localized model.  That’s why we created Velociti Xpress, an unrivaled solution consisting of a nationwide network of drive-thru and mobile installation locations.  Velociti Xpress is not a day-labor model.  Velociti Xpress partners are local companies, trained and certified by Velociti to provide a level of service equal to that of our Mobile Technicians.  This allows us to offer affordable pricing, flexible scheduling and the capability to scale from small, local projects to large, nationwide roll-outs.
  • Velociti specializes in the deployment of emerging technology and focuses extensive research and development resources to support our preparedness for the latest technology solutions.
  • Velociti insists on providing all Technicians with formal training prior to deploying any technology solution.  This commitment has been proven to ensure project success.
  • Technology initiatives often take months, even years to become ready for deployment.  When the time comes for deployment, Velociti understands the importance of getting the job done in a rapid manner without sacrificing quality.  We stand behind our commitment to help our clients leverage technology benefits by guaranteeing the timeliness and quality of our performance.
  • Our clients put a great deal of trust in us when allowing us to work in their fleets and facilities.  We understand that measuring the performance and progress of a project is of vital importance to our clients.  That is why we offer DataMining, a powerful web-based Project Management tool that provides our clients with full visibility to all important project data.
  • At Velociti, we know technology deployment is what we do well.  Therefore, we do not sell technology products, allowing us to maintain a laser focus on implementation, regardless of the particular products our clients chose to purchase.  We are a manufacturer and channel-friendly deployment provider, never competing with the products we service.
  • There is no substitute for an experienced Project Management Office.  Velociti maintains a large team of Project Managers focused on ensuring client success.  Our Project Managers have been in the field, so they understand what it takes to overcome the inevitable challenges on any project.  From strategy to execution, our Project Managers are the best in the business.
  • Velociti performs daily across North America, but that is not the limit of our reach.  We’ve worked on every continent and routinely perform services across the globe.
  • Deployment project pricing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be.  Velociti consults closely with its clients to define a pricing model that best meets the requirements of each project. Per day, per week, per task, per unit, retainer and other options are always available.
  • Velociti is committed to data integrity and equips all Technicians with custom data collection tools operated on ruggedized wireless devices with wide-area connectivity.